IRIS Uniscan Flame Monitoring System

The Uniscan is a fail safe – self check flame monitor and amplifier mounted in one enclosure, suitable for gas or oil, pilot or main flame monitoring.  The techniques used for discrimination and fail safety are unique and are covered by UK patent No. 2131585 and US patent No. 4540886.

The IRIS Uniscan flame monitor has been developed to satisfy the process heater and smaller utilities market, where the sophisticated discrimination techniques are not required.

The Uniscan however, offers certain adjustments, for discrimination purposes and flame drop out time.

The unique feature of the system is that all the electronics are situated in the viewing head –thus saving valuable panel space and expensive special cabling.

As the power regulation within the system is capable of a wide operating voltage range, 18V to 27V; losses due to long cable runs to the boiler front have little effect on the performance of the system.

The flame on signal is 20V DC (nominal) at a high milliampere level – and is therefore unaffected by site electrical noise and transients.

The electronics are housed in a cast aluminium case giving protection to IP65.

The unit should be mounted as near parallel to the axis of the burner as is practical, looking into the primary combustion zone of the flame.

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