IRIS 500 Amplifier

The IRIS Solid State Flame Safeguard Control Offers Maximum Flexibility in Application together with the Reli­ability and Stability Expected of Industrial Safety Equipment. The System will Detect all Types of Flames in Various Fired Equipment. Both Ultraviolet and Infrared Type Viewing Heads are available.

The System is Fail-Safe and Continuously Self-Checking. In the Ultraviolet Viewing Head the Self-Checking Characteristics are Implemented by using a Shutter in the Viewing Heads that Block the Flame Light Path once each Second. In the Infrared Viewing Heads an Electronic Self-Checking Method is Employed.

If any Com­ponent in the System from the Viewing Head to the Flame Relay is Damaged or becomes Defective the Flame Relay is De-Energised, the Alarm is Sounded and Fuel Valves will be De-Energised. The Checking Function does not Interfere with the Ability to Detect a Flame Out. If the Shutter should Fail either Open or Closed the Flame Relay will be De-Energised.
The Flame Safeguard Control Sensitivity is Con­tinuously Adjustable over a 136 to 1 Ratio by means of Two Externally Selectable 25-turn Potentiometers for Dual Fuel or Dual Viewing Head Applications.

IRIS Infrared Viewing Head IRGS

The IRGS Viewing Head is Specifically Designed for the Detection of Oil and Gas Flames.

The Operation of the IRGS is Identical to the IR Head, the Exception being the Germanium Photodiode Flame Sensor, which Operates, in the Spectral Range 750 nm to 1900 nm.

As with the IR head, Good Discrimination is Achieved by an Automatic Gain Control and a Four Position High Pass Filter Switch.

The IRGS has been Specifically Designed for Operation on Multi Burner Oil and Gas Burner Applications with Oil and Gas being Fired Individually or Together.

IRIS 500 Flame Amplifier With Cover

IRIS Infrared Viewing Head IR

The Infrared Viewing Head is Recommended for Pulverised Coal and Oil Flames. The IR Viewing Head uses an Extended Range, 200 to 1200 Nanometers, Silicon Photodiode that is Operated in the Photovoltaic Mode. The IR System takes Advantage of the Fact that All Flames Pulsate within Two Bands of the Visible and near Infrared Spectral Regions. This Device Incorporates an Automatic Gain Control that Operates on the Brightness of the Flame Signal. This Automatic Gain Control Action is Provided to Overcome the Problems Associated with Monitoring Pulverised Coal Flames, which vary in Brightness from Low to High Firing Rates in Addition to Variations Caused by Ash and Inconsistent Fuel Flow.

The Flame Signal, after this First Stage of Amplification is AC Coupled to the Next Stage. This AC Component of the Signal is Flame Flicker, which Covers a Range from Zero to over 1000Hz. The IRIS Infrared Viewing Head Accomplishes this by Incorporating a Variable High Pass Filter Stage after the Second Stage of Amplification. This Variable Filter has Four Positions that can be Switched at the Viewing Head to Optimise the Discrimination Ratio between Flame On and Flame Off.

IRIS 500 Flame Amplifier No Cover

IRIS Infrared Viewing Head IRX2

The IRX2 Viewing Head is Recommended for Pulverised Coal, Oil, Hydrogen Sulphide and Other Difficult Waste Fuel Streams where Ultraviolet Light is Absorbed.

The IRIS IRX2 Employs a New Concept in Infrared Flame Detection by Utilizing a Solid-State Infrared “Two-Colour” Sensor in Conjunction with Electronic Circuitry that Takes Advantage of the High Frequency-Flicker Characteristics of Flames. The “Two-Colour” Sensor is Composed of a Unique “See-Through” Silicon Photovoltaic Front Element and a Lead Sulphide Photoconductor Back Element.

The Silicon Element Covers the Spectral Range from 350 Nanometers to 1100 Nano­meters and the Lead Sulphide Detector Covers the Range from where the Silicon Elements Begin to Roll-Off, 1100 Nanometers to 3000 Nanometers.

The Signals from Both Sensors, after Amplification are Added or Mixed Resulting in a Very Wide Spectral Range, which Covers the Entire Visual Range well into the Infrared Longer Wavelengths.

This New Fame Monitor is Especially Useful on those Difficult Applications, such as Black Liquor Recovery Units and Limekilns in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

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