IRIS 600 Flame Monitoring System

The IRIS 600 flame ionisation relay is used in conjunction with a flame rod to detect the presence of a flame. It incorporates the following features :

Ten segment bargraph display to indicate flame signal strength. The flame relay will energise when the fourth segment illuminates.
Plug-in, for ease of maintenance
Power On indication
Voltage selector switch 110/230 VAC. This is accessible by removing the relay from its base



Power Supply 110 volts 50/60 hz or
230 volts 50/60 hz
Voltage Tolerance +10% to -15%
Power Consumption 8VA
Ambient Temperature -20 to +70 degrees C
Degree of Protection IP 40
Contact Rating 1 amp @ 24vdc
0.5 amp @ 110/230 vac
Flame Failure Response Time Less than 1 second

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