Searchline Excel™ Plus- Open Path Infrared Gas Detector – Short & Medium Range

The Searchline Excel™ Plus Flammable Hydrocarbon gas detector delivers unsurpassed uptime with robust detection in some of the harshest conditions.

  • Sensor Range 2 m to 120 m (6 to 393 ft)
  • Humidity Range 0–99 % RH Non-condensing
  • Analog Output Signal Type 4-20mA standard
  • Universal Mounting Bracket Included
  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • Gas Type Flammable Hydrocarbon
  • Maximum Pressure 105.5 kPa (1055 mBar, non-compensated)



Ensure optimal fire and gas safety by deploying cutting-edge optical gas detection that can see through even thick fog better than any other open path gas detectors whether NDIR or laser based.

The Searchline Excel™ Plus is a short and medium-range gas detector designed for global oil and gas applications, upstream and downstream, onshore and offshore that protects your people, your facilities and your systems from combustible gas leaks.

Features & Benefits:

Reliable Detection:

  • Fast response to flammable hydrocarbon gas even in low visibility
  • Advanced diagnostics including window clarity and alignment accuracy to enable maximum uptime

Easy to Use:

  • Honeywell’s Fixed Platform Universal Mount and new alignment scope makes for easy installation
  •  Bluetooth® connectivity for simplified, non-intrusive set-up and maintenance.

At a Glance Instrument Status:

  • High Visibility, Multi Color LED HALO ring provides clear indication of device status

Quick Specs:

  • Detection from 2 to 120 meters (6 to 393 feet)
  • Multiple outputs including 4-20mA, Relays, HART®, Modbus and Bluetooth® communication
  • Responses to a wide range of hydrocarbon gases such as Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Ethylene, and Propylene
  • Speed of response (T90) less than 3 seconds
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