Flame Monitoring Systems

IRIS 500 Flame Monitoring System

The IRIS 500 is a sophisticated flame monitoring system having a variety of applications, but is particularly successful in the more difficult situations, where discrimination proves to be a problem.  The flame amplifier comprises a mother board, an analogue signal processor board and a digital signal processor.

The analogue board contains the circuitry required to produce a flame on/off output, an analogue flame signal intensity meter, hysteresis ratio selection switch and flame out delay timing, adjustable 1 to 6 seconds.

The digital board is composed of a 4 digit LED display, and two 4 digit set point switches -- one for flame on threshold and one for flame off. The function of the analogue board is to provide the flame on/off safety channel.


IRIS 600 Flame Monitoring System

The IRIS 600 flame ionisation relay is used in conjunction with a flame rod to detect the presence of a flame. It incorporates the following features :

Ten segment bargraph display to indicate flame signal strength. The flame relay will energise when the fourth segment illuminates.
Plug-in, for ease of maintenance
Power On indication
Voltage selector switch 110/230 VAC. This is accessible by removing the relay from its base


IRIS Uniscan Flame Monitoring System

The Uniscan is a fail safe – self check flame monitor and amplifier mounted in one enclosure, suitable for gas or oil, pilot or main flame monitoring.  The techniques used for discrimination and fail safety are unique and are covered by UK patent No. 2131585 and US patent No. 4540886.

The IRIS Uniscan flame monitor has been developed to satisfy the process heater and smaller utilities market, where the sophisticated discrimination techniques are not required.


Honeywell Flame Monitoring System

The US product range include both Ultraviolet and Infrared Viewing Heads, single, dual and three channel Signal Processors and Flare Stack Monitors.

These Flame Monitoring Systems, consisting of a Viewing Head, or Flame Scanner, and a Signal Processor.  These Flame Monitors or Scanners are used in the Petro-chemical, Pulp and Paper, Power Generation.


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