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With over 25 years of experience in the supply of hazardous area equipment to the petro/chemical sector. J.B.Systems is able to offer a range of Ex rated products which meet all the latest ATEX approvals. J.B.Systems also offer full technical support and design service for control panels and customized systems.





All products are certified to the ATEX standards and most to IECex.

J B Systems is a privately owned company formed in 1986 and specialises in the design and manufacture of control equipment for use in hazardous area locations (EExd & EExe).  We also offer a fully customised explosion proof and safe area panel assembly and wiring service as well as a variety of explosion proof and safe area terminal/junction boxes.  All panels and equipment can be produced either from customer designs or by our in house CAD facilities.

Either way we can custom build to meet customer specifications including paint and material.

For EExd, EEx de and safe area enclosures. Lamps, pushbuttons, switches and isolators can be mounted on the door or lid. Windows of 50mm or 90 mm diameter are also available for analogue and digital meters. Larger square or rectangular windows up to 398mm x 214mm can also be supplied for annunciators or equipment with large or detailed readouts.

All hazardous area enclosures and equipment comply with current ATEX requirements and are supplied with the relevant Declarations of Conformity and Hazardous area Certificates when requested.

JB Systems, a world renowned system integrator for Ex systems, has teamed up with index enclosures to offer an exclusive range of electro polished standard sized terminal enclosures.

With a 2-3 day delivery service.  

J B Systems also has its own range of flame monitoring equipment which includes the IRIS 500 flame monitoring system which is a sophisticated solid state electronic unit for detecting the presence of flame in industrial gas, oil and coal fired boilers. Typical applications are found in the petro/chemical and power generation industries. The IRIS Uniscan is a simpler version of the IRIS 500 and is for use on process heaters. The IRIS 600 is a flame ionisation relay and is intended for use with a flame rod to detect gas pilot flames. All products can be supplied in safe or hazardous area enclosures.

Customers include many well known names including British Gas, John Zink, Zeeco, Texaco, British Sugar, Conoco, National Power as well as many overseas clients.

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